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Take on your competition with this challenging but achievable Fitness Division for designed for everyone – whether you’re a regular Gym goer, new to the CrossFit style of training or a Retired CrossFitter. If you just prefer cardio and more of a functional centred training, then this division is for you! There are no barbells or heavy or technical lifting. Instead, you will be using equipment such as Dumbbells, Sandbags, Medicine balls and Bodyweight movements.


The intermediate division will include some gymnastics and Olympic lifting movements and weights that are a staple of your typical training found in CrossFit or Functional Fitness gyms. Designed to put your training to test in a fun, challenging but achievable way. To get an idea if this division is for you, please review our movement standard table found here 


The Advanced division is suited to the more seasoned CrossFitter who is competent in all typical CrossFit movements. This division is the ultimate team challenge with up to $5000 up for grabs. To find out if this division is for you, please review our movement standards guideline found here