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Why it’s important to celebrate your body

It is important to develop a healthy relationship with exercise and our bodies. Female body image should not be driven by an idea of “perfection” or dictated by society, but instead be focused on being healthy, feeling good, and taking care of ourselves.

Many people feel empowered by the practice of CrossFit & Functional Fitness training due to its focus on physical strength and performance, regardless of gender. This can be particularly beneficial for female body image since it celebrates all bodies regardless of shape or size. It allows women to define what beauty means to them on their own terms.

Studies have found that when it comes to female body image, participating in CrossFit style training can have a positive impact. Women report feeling empowered and more confident in their own skin. Additionally, physical strength has been linked to increased self-esteem and higher levels of self-efficacy. CrossFit is also beneficial in terms of its holistic approach to fitness which includes aerobic exercise, resistance training, as well as flexibility and nutrition components. Ultimately, the potential for greater confidence, physical strength and improved mental wellbeing is a major plus for many female participants in CrossFit.

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